MWEX, a music producer, DJ, camera / camera & car enthusiast, singer & songwriter..

Born in the heart of Austria, Vienna, music always played a very important role in his childhood. Back in 2014 he discovered electronic dance music and Moritz quickly began learning the basics of music production.

Since 2017, Moritz is mainly concentrated in developing his own Style and MWEX as a brand. He is known for his Groovy, Melodic and Housy Live Sets and Tracks.

He already earned Feedback or Support by:

★ Will Sparks
★ We Am
★ Pessto
★ Timmo Hendriks
★ J-Trick
★ Overused
★ Sash_S
★ Luke Alive
★ Magtfuld
★ Arizo
★ Flip Capella (DIF 2015 & 2016 and Energy Club Files)

and many more